Server Explorer

Effortlessly Manage Your Server with our SSH Client

Ideal for developers and DevOps professionals seeking streamlined server management.

How It Works

Facilitating Effortless Server Interaction

Curious about how Server Explorer transforms your server management experience? It’s simpler than you think! Follow these straightforward steps to get started:

  1. Download & Install on your MACOS or Windows
  2. Connect Securely with SSH connection
  3. Navigate & Manage your server files
  4. Explore Advanced Features like container management, file editing, compression

Showcasing Server Explorer’s Capabilities

Explore the powerful features of Server Explorer, enabling secure and efficient server management through SSH connections. Seamlessly navigate, organize, and edit server files with user-friendly tools, enhancing your overall server interaction experience.

SSH Connection

Establish a secure connection to your server using SSH encryption.

File Operations

Copy, cut, compress, uncompress and upload files or folders with ease.

Docker image

Docker manager

control containers and images, loading images from .tar archives and Docker Hub.

Download Files

Download files from your server to your local machine effortlessly

Interactive terminal

execute commands directly from within the application.

Code Editor

Edit code directly within the application, streamlining the development process

Quick Access

Add folders to quick access for easy navigation.

Navigation Controls:

Seamlessly navigate between folders with next and previous navigation buttons.

Meet the team

Team Behind Server Explorer

Introducing the dedicated team behind Server Explorer—an ensemble of skilled professionals driven by a passion for innovative server solutions

Darrell KIDJO

Developer & Project Manager


User Feedback

Server Explorer has been my labor of love, born out of a passion for simplifying server management. As the developer behind this project, I’ve poured my expertise into creating a tool that seamlessly connects users to their servers.

Darrell KIDJO

(Software Engineer & CTO Server Explorer)

Server Explorer is practically my savior (laughs). I’m terrified of the terminal; connecting to a server via SSH is a nightmare for me. I’m always scared of being in the wrong directory or messing up everything on the server. 😬 But now, my problem is solved. I don’t even need to remember the commands anymore. And with the new update that includes Docker, I’m thrilled! 🔥 I’m eagerly waiting for the next updates. 😆🧐


(Web & Mobile Developer)

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